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Selling Thermocouple Inexpensive

PT. Win Electroindo Heat Jual Thermocouple Murah, is a temperature sensor used to detect or measure temperature. We Sell Cheap Thermocouple which is very popular and is often used in various electrical or electronic circuits or equipment related to Temperature. We Sell Cheap Thermocouple with its advantages, namely its rapid response to temperature changes and also its wide operational temperature range, which ranges between -200˚C to 2000˚C.

PT. Win Electroindo Heat Selling Thermocouple Inexpensive

  with types including:

- Type E Thermocouples - Temperature Range: -200˚C - 900˚C

- Type J Thermocouples - Temperature Range: 0˚C - 750˚C

- Type K Thermocouples - Temperature Range: -200˚C - 1250˚C

- Type N Thermocouples - Temperature Range: 0˚C - 1250˚C

- Thermocouple Type T - Temperature Range: -200˚C - 350˚C

So if you are looking for a company that sells our Cheap Thermocouple, PT. Win Electroindo Heat sells various types and types, please choose according to your needs. Among others, the following are MI Thermocouple, Thermocouples with Thermowells / Protection Tube, Noble Metal Thermocouples, High-Temperature Thermocouple, Thermocouple Miniature and so on. For information on price specifications and product details, please contact us.