PT. Win Electroindo Heat

Hybrid Recorder

Sell Hybrid Recorder

PT. Win Electroindo Heat Jual Hybrid Recorder, is a device used to convert temperature readings from thermocouple sensors. Selling Hybrid Recorder which is usually placed on the measured temperature part, which is the floor of the plant house and is directly connected to the hybrid recorder. Selling Hybrid Recorder with its features include:

- Temperature data will be stored automatically in the hybrid recorder and can be adjusted according to the repetition of the time needed.

- Has a built-in SD card slot for recording data and saving and reading settings.

- Equipped with an LCD digital screen to facilitate monitoring of measured values.

- Data display functions include 1-point digital display, multi-point combined digital display and plus digital graphic display.

- Various settings for measurement and recording can be easily changed using the buttons and LCD digital screen in front of the unit.

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