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Jual furnace

PT. Win Electroindo Heat Selling Furnace is used globally for various applications. Along with the increasing number of applications, various types of furnaces were developed to meet demand. We sell furnaces that are used to increase the temperature of the fluid by using heat from the combustion results from the fuel. PT. Win Electroindo Heat Jual Furnace with various types including:

Sell ​​Vertical Cylinder Type Furnace

The shape of this furnace is in the form of an upright cylinder of steel, a tube that receives heat radiation is arranged in such a vertical manner and each pipe connection is used by U bend.

Selling Furnace Type Box

This furnace has a box or box shape or often also called a cabin type, the radiation and convection heating area is separated by a wall. Generally this type is used in petroleum distillation heating and vacuum distillation.

Sell ​​Furnace Visbreaker Charge

This type of furnace is also box shaped, but the position of the burner is located on the heater floor and usually uses a single pass (flow) and there are also those who use a multi pass. Visbreakre operation is usually carried out for high temperature heating such as heating oil with heavy oil fractions with an operating temperature of about 930 ° F.

Sell ​​Furnace High Pressure Box

This type is usually used in the processing of advanced petroleum fractions such as Reforming and Hirdocratic packing units.

So if you are looking for a company that sells our Furnace, PT. Win Electroindo Heat sells various types of Furnaces and also Sell Cheap Thermocouple. For information and reservations please contact us.

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